Unlike Golden Retriever puppies, older Golden Retrievers may move slower and are usually less active, but it is still important for older dogs to have enough physical activity. Before starting an exercise routine for your dog, it?s a good idea to visit the vet. After a thorough physical examination, you will know about the physical limits of your older Golden Retriever. Joint problems are common among older dogs and this condition must be treated first. An indicator of proper physical exercise is when a dog has a good pant. Be sure to observe the dog continuously and if the dog pants heavily, it?s time to have some rest.

Let?s take a look at some good exercises for older Golden Retrievers:

Walking- walking is the easiest form of physical exercise for both owner and Golden Retriever. It also contributes to the socialisation of the dog. Naturally, it is important to keep the dog leashed during daily walks. It?s an opportunity to train the dog on how to walk while being leashed. Walk calmly and always stay in front, so it will be easier to control your dog. For older dogs, daily walks also contribute to better mental health. It?s time for your dog to discover new things and see new places. To get the most out of this exercise, you should occasionally walk at a brisk pace.

Running- running is a more intense physical exercise for your Golden Retriever and it?s better to do this in a fenced area. Your dog can run freely without any risk of danger. If your Golden Retriever is well trained, you can run along with him in a quiet park. If your dog is not yet fully conditioned for consistent running exercise, give him time to get in a better shape.

Swimming- if your Golden Retriever isn?t afraid of water, it?s a good idea to swim with him. You can get him to swim in a shallow river or lake. For older Golden Retrievers with joint problems, it?s a good exercise because there won?t be any direct impact on their joints.

Fetching- fetching is a quintessential activity for Golden Retrievers. Your dog will run and prance around. A tennis ball is a good fetching toy and you may use a racquet to send the ball farther.

Hiking- hiking is more effortful than regular walking. You will walk uphill or downhill with your Golden Retriever. It?s also an opportunity to introduce your dog to many new things. If you want to keep your dog leashed, you should use a Flexi-leash.

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