Chubby Golden Retrievers may look cuddly and cute, however, they are in a very risky health situation. Obesity in Golden Retrievers may affect joints, liver, heart, kidneys, and lungs. They are also more prone to injury which means addressing this issue should be done sooner, rather than later.

Here are a few ways to help manage obesity in Golden Retrievers:

Calculate Ideal Calorie Intake- the basic rule is to avoid feeding your Golden Retriever pups too much. It?s easier to do if you know how much food your dog needs each day. You need to feed your Golden Retriever pups just enough to meet basic metabolism requirements. Ask the vet about the ideal weight for the breed and age of your dog.

Visit The Vet- if your Golden Retriever pup is visibly obese, he needs to undergo a physical exam. The vet will provide a professional opinion by advising on the proper exercises and feeding schedule.

Choose Low-Fat Foods- choose commercial low-fat dog foods. Some of them are carefully formulated for overweight Golden Retriever pups. Again, check with your vet whether you are providing the right food for your dog. Focus on giving your dog more protein, instead of fat.

Choose Good Snacks- if you are still training the dog, he will need kibbles as incentives. Include snacks into the daily diet of your dog. If possible, you should choose low-calorie snacks. Dog owners shouldn?t be tempted to throw in the kibbles too easily. The more snacks your dog get, the more overweight he will be. It is important for dog owners to take control.

Exercise- physical exercise is a crucial part of any weight loss program. Just giving your Golden Retriever less food won?t make him lose weight. Be aware that intense physical activity could injure joints if your dog is overweight. It is better to walk your dog and allow him to run occasionally.

Eventually, obesity will worsen the health of your dog. It could lead to diabetes and respiratory problems. Managing obesity is fairly easy if the dog owner does it early. Progress could be slow for the first few months, but your Golden Retriever will start adapting to the new diet and exercise programs. It?s crucial to be consistent, until your dog is finally the ideal weight.

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