The eighth most popular family breed in the UK is the Golden Retriever. They are known globally for their gentle and friendly temperament. This trait makes them unsuitable as a guard dog. They are also put into other uses, namely a detection dog, participant in search and rescue operations, and as a hunting dog. It is also very popular as a guide for the blind, a hearing dog for the deaf, and an assistant to differently-abled people.

A patient breed

Golden Retriever puppies and adults are very patient with children. This trait marks them non-aggressive even under provocative situations. However, some Golden Retrievers have been noticed to behave aggressively. Dog trainers attribute this to a variety of reasons as given below:

  • Lack of attention from owners
  • Poor breeding practices
  • Abuse or ill-treatment
  • Having witnessed the aggressive treatment of other dogs

There is another psychological reason typical of herd behaviour. Golden Retrievers consider their family as part of the pack. This makes them view visitors, strangers, or unfamiliar people outside the family as invaders stealing their space. They do not like the idea of having to share their owner with a stranger.

In some cases, Golden Retriever pups might have experienced certain bad situations that get recalled as an adult. This can cause aggression. Experienced dog trainers and owners suggest that Golden Retriever puppies should be left with their mother for the first eight weeks. They can be introduced to society for about six weeks. A dog that has been socialised smoothly does not get aggressive.

Certain natural reflexes are expressed by most species as aggression. A Golden Retriever is no exception. These reflexes can be their natural response to the following:

  • Insecurity
  • Illness
  • Fear
  • Pain

Whenever you notice your Golden Retriever getting agitated, you should invest time to discover the reason for that behaviour. If it is something that can be taken care of by a vet, seek help immediately.

The environment

Owners of Golden Retrievers should be aware that the environment in which your pet lives plays a great role in its behavioural patterns. Always prevent situations where your dog is prone to be attacked by other dogs. Never be harsh with the gentle Golden Retriever puppies and provide them with good living conditions.

There is nothing that time and proper care cannot cure. Always be attentive to the needs of your Golden Retriever so that it never feels neglected.

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