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Golden Irish

Golden Irish Retriever puppies: The perfect family dog!

An Irish golden is everything you would want in family dog. Combining the lovable personalities and strong physical features of both the Golden Retriever and Irish Setter produces a dog that is loyal and loving. Golden Irish dogs are perfect for a growing family enjoying the attention and love they receive, along with joining in on all the family fun

About & History of the Golden Irish 

As with most hybrid dogs, their story really belongs to that of the purebred parent breeds, in this case, the Golden Retriever and the Irish Setter.

The Golden Retriever

Development of the Golden Retriever as a breed is credited to the Scottish Lord Tweedmouth. He worked diligently between about 1835 and 1890 to develop a golden dog that was talented at retrieving waterfowl.

He achieved this by selecting for golden puppies from litters produced by matings between the now extinct Tweed Water Spaniels, Flat Coated 

Retrievers, and Irish Setters. Officially recognised by the Kennel Club in 1911, at that time, they were described as ‘yellow’ or ‘golden’, and it was in the 1920 that the ‘golden’ moniker was officially adopted.

The Irish Setter

There are no prizes for guessing the country of origin of the Irish Setter! Indeed, they have their origins in the 18th century, and a blend of English spaniels and setters, along with the Gordon Setter. Those first representatives of the breed tended to have a mixed coat colour of red sprinkled with white. It is the Earl of Enniskillen who was credited with favouring the solid red coat and promoting its development.

In 1875, the first Irish Setter was imported into the United States to great acclaim. This was the beginning of an American infatuation with this distinctive red-haired dog breed. However, this lead to a diversification within the breed between working and pet dogs. This caused some alarm amongst purists who were concerned the heavier working type dog would become extinct.

Some breeders then concentrated on perpetuating the working dog, which is why in the current day, there are two distinct types of Red Setter: the working dog and the show dog

Why Golden Irish?

  • Less shedding than Golden Retrievers
  • Family-friendly disposition
  • Beautiful coat and colors


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