The first month after a minor or major surgery can be challenging for Golden Retriever owners. Some Golden Retrievers tend to stay still and sleep more during the recovery period, but others will continue jumping and running, even if it still hurts.

Keeping that in mind, here are some things that dog owners should do after their Golden Retriever has had surgery:

Use Canine Orthotics- canine orthotics are a good solution to get around the mobility problem. Golden Retrievers may have restricted movement after surgical procedures to repair a torn muscle, joint, tendon or ligament. With canine orthotics, Golden Retrievers may remain relatively active without causing further injuries.

Use A Splint- a splint is useful after a knee or hock surgery. It supports limbs that are recovering from tendon or muscle damage. When used properly, the dog can have some amount of movement, while maintaining good rate of healing. Splints can be hard or soft, depending on the condition. Dog owners may strap splints using Velcro fasteners. They can use carpal splints, bootie splints or hock splints to support different portions of the leg. After a major surgery, a prosthetic brace is necessary to support the whole leg, rather than only the knee or hock.

Use Drag Bags- for more independent Golden Retrievers that don?t want to use sling assistance, a drag bag is a better option. It fully protects the rear legs when they are moving. With adequate cushioning, affected legs are protected against rubbing and chaffing that may cause open sores.

Allow Proper Urination- it?s difficult for your dog to properly relieve himself, as he is recovering after surgery. If your dog is well-trained, he will be reluctant to urinate inside the house. If your dog holds urination too long, he will be vulnerable to urinary tract infections. If your dog?s skin is exposed to urine for days, it could become tender, irritated, and painful. Bring your dog outside regularly, so he can relieve himself. Absorbent pad or diaper could help keep the dog clean and dry at night.

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