Just like pregnant women, your Golden Retriever will also go through significant physical changes during pregnancy. With their hormones raging, things can be tough for your dog. She should get adequate attention and care. If your Golden Retriever?s pregnancy isn?t supervised, it could lead to various complications, including miscarriage. Owners should know how to care for their pregnant dogs. It can be tricky to tell if you have a pregnant dog. The best way is to take your dog to a licensed vet in the area. The vet will check the abdomen of your dog to know whether the womb is swelling. Depending on the indicators, the vet may estimate the due date.

This should give enough time to get prepared. For an example, you can decide where your dog should undergo the delivery process. When the due date is imminent, it is a good thing to bring the dog to the vet, so your dog and her newly delivered puppies will be handled professionally.

Let?s take a look at some tips on how to care for your pregnant golden retriever:

Good Nutrition- your Golden Retriever needs proper nutrition for her and the growing puppies. The pregnancy in Golden Retrievers is quite short and in just three months, you will see those new Golden Retriever puppies. During this period, make sure to properly nourish your dog. Proper diet for pregnant Golden Retrievers should be low in fat and rich in protein. If possible, give your dog organic food without any chemical additives.

Daily Exercise- your Golden Retriever should have light daily exercise. A daily walking routine is strongly advised, even if your dog is just days away from the estimated delivery date. Adequate physical exercise can ensure an easier delivery process. However, lengthy outdoor exposure and strenuous physical exercise should be avoided.

Keep Her Safe- you should be fully prepared if your dog delivers her puppies earlier than expected at home. Always prepare clean towels and make sure your Golden Retriever properly whelps her puppies. As the big day draws near, you need to keep the dog in a safe place. This should prevent her from catching unwanted illnesses.

If possible, you should get your Golden Retriever vaccinated months before pregnancy. She will pass on the immunity to her puppies during the lactation. Dog owners must do anything possible to ensure that the puppies are delivered successfully and safely, while maintaining the well-being of the mum.

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