Golden Retriever puppies can become a delightful addition to your family. These precious bundles of joy require regular attention so that they grow into healthy adult dogs. Let’s discuss the various aspects of caring for a Golden Retriever.

Preparing for the arrival of a Golden Retriever pup

You will have to rearrange your home to make it dog friendly. Golden Retriever pups eat anything and everything. You will have to hide any electric cables, glass items, artefacts or any sundry items which lie around the house. It is also necessary to find a place for your dog to sleep peacefully. You will need to purchase unbreakable food and water bowls. Your preparations should also include purchasing items like a leash, collar, dog brush and other grooming materials.


You will have to conduct some research to find a nutritious dog food for your Golden Retriever. There are companies which produce special dog food for large breeds like Golden Retrievers. Your Golden Retriever pup will require specific puppy food. Choosing meat-based food is important since dogs are carnivores.

Your dog feeding timetable should be made according to his age. Golden Retriever pups will need frequent feeding as compared to adults. You must be careful about regulating the quantity of food to prevent overfeeding. They require constant access to fresh drinking water. If you are unsure about the quantity or quality of dog food, then it is best to consult a veterinarian or dog breeder.


Golden Retriever pups need to be habituated to constant brushing. Regular brushing prohibits matting and dropping of hair. Due to their floppy ears, Golden Retrievers are prone to ear infections. Regular inspection and cleaning of their ears are necessary. It is essential to trim your Golden Retriever’s nails when they grow long. Get your Golden Retriever pups accustomed to regular brushing of teeth to keep them healthy.


Golden Retrievers are highly active breeds and require regular exercise. They need activities like brisk walks, games and swimming to keep them entertained. They tend to get bored in the absence of regular activity. These clever dogs require stimulating toys like puzzle toys to keep them cheerful. Regular swapping of toys is essential to sustain their interest.


Golden Retrievers are obedient dogs. It is easy to train them. You will need to toilet train your dog. You should also teach him to obey basic commands like sit, stand, lie down etc. The training period can help you to bond with your Golden Retriever.

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