Most people love Golden Retrievers, but it may not be the case when they are being confronted by an aggressive dog. If you have an aggressive Golden Retriever, a proper training programme is necessary. If this problem isn?t handled immediately, you may face an expensive legal problem, or if the dog inflicts injury on someone else, the owner might even end up in jail.

Keeping that in mind, we are going to discuss the three different causes of dog aggression and how to address them:?

Dominant Dog- very dominant Golden Retrievers can be aggressive when someone or another dog gets too close. In more serious cases, the dog can be aggressive to family members as well, because he seeks to dominate the entire house. Remember that overly dominant Golden Retrievers are alpha males. They want to become pack leaders. Owners must assume control by deciding all aspects of the dog?s life. Feed the dog only after you eat and the dog must be told to sleep in a specific area. The dog should never be allowed to enter your bedroom. When walking, the dog should always be behind the owner. After a few weeks, the dog will start to relinquish control and follow all commands.

Territorial Dog- territorial Golden Retrievers assume control of the backyard, lawn or sometimes the entire house. Territorial Golden Retrievers are also dominant, but their dominance is associated with the control of a territory. These dogs aggressively show people and other dogs that they own the place, by barking and in some cases, biting. Again, dog owners must show that they are the pack leader. When entering the disputed territory, the dog owner must show dominance and assume control. The usual methods can be used, including dog owner eats first before feeding the dog and giving the dog obedience training.

Fearful Dog- fear-based aggression is quite common. Instead of showing strong dominance or imposing territorial control, the Golden Retriever is excessively responsive to the presence of people or other dogs. Fearful Golden Retrievers bark continuously and if they bite, they usually bite the rear. These dogs avoid frontal attacks and are actually very shy. Fear could happen if these dogs perceive the lack of security. Poor breeding or abuse may cause Golden Retrievers to become fearful of strangers. If the dog is aggressive and very shy, owner must socialize him. This begins by assuming control and treating the dog well. After gaining trust from the dog, family members should be introduced to the dog gradually.

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