Many Golden Retrievers don?t want to be leashed. They are highly active and often resist any physical restriction so they may jerk frequently while being leashed. In some cases, your dog may jerk violently making it harder for you to maintain control. Excessive jerking while on leash may also cause pain, discomfort, and injuries to your dog, especially if he is a puppy or an older dog.

Counter conditioning is an effective method to address this problem. It is designed to turn negative things into positive ones. If your Golden Retriever is afraid of other dogs, he will instinctively keep a safe distance, but he can?t do that while on leash. A good solution is to get your dog familiarised with other dogs. You can show him that there?s nothing to be scared of. After identifying things that your dog is scared of, you can introduce positive stimuli.

It takes time for your dog to realise that they shouldn?t be scared of anything. Some dog owners choose a controversial method called ?flooding?, to overwhelm the dog?s senses by throwing him into a thoroughly scary situation. However, it is a risky approach, because the dog could shut down and become traumatised by the experience. Counter conditioning is a much safer method and the dog can follow the right procedures at the right pace. One big benefit of counter conditioning is the removal of underlying problems, like fear and anxiety. You can replace them with favourable responses, such as better interactions with people or other dogs.

Here are others things Golden Retriever owners should do to make leash training their Golden Retriever easier:

Give Him Some Slack- when putting the dog on a leash, he should know how much he could move. For better flexibility, you should use a full-length leash and your Golden Retriever will jerk less.

Reward Him For Staying Closer- praise your Golden Retriever pup or give him an occasional treat for staying close. By properly rewarding your dog, he will always stay at your side and do what you want him to do.

Stop Walking When He Pulls- as soon as he pulls, you should stop walking and use the command ?Stay!?. After he calms down for five seconds, you can tell him to start walking again. Praise your Golden Retriever pup when he jerks less.

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