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Golden Retrievers make super guide dogs. For one thing, the breed is intelligent and responds well to being given responsibility. Golden Retrievers aim to please their owners. The very nature of these dogs makes them conducive when it comes to working with people. From a very young age, Golden Retriever pups manifest an innate ability to do any task they?re trained to do. What?s more, they are devoted animals, and they will work hard to excel.

Their natural traits make them great at guide dog work. Originally, Golden Retrievers were used as working dogs. They were bred with the aim of helping hunters to retrieve small game. Such activities required focusing on the task and targeted behaviour. Furthermore, these dogs are strong, and though big, not difficult to handle.

The Golden Retriever as a guide

Golden Retrievers possess many qualities that facilitate their role as guide dogs. This is especially so if Golden Retriever puppies are trained early.

  • Build and size – Golden Retrievers are muscular and sturdy enough to take the load of a harness. They are moderately large-sized dogs. Nonetheless, they can still get in and out of locations, such as restaurants, shops, etc.
  • Behaviour – Golden Retrievers are people-oriented dogs. They don?t have aggressive temperaments and are comfortable around people. These dogs don?t respond adversely to crowds and are well-behaved in public places. Golden Retrievers have a sense of calmness about them.

Guide behaviour

To become an efficient guide dog, a dog must have the qualities of intelligence, patience and be hard working. Golden Retrievers possess all these and more. This is a dog who never tires of serving. Besides this, Golden Retrievers can be trained in the navigation of all kinds of situations. They are alert dogs who check obstacles and guide their physically challenged or blind owners effortlessly. As a result, people with challenges can move around and live their lives.

Golden Retrievers don?t get distracted easily. They remain focused on the task at hand. Their loyalty and obedience also enhance their abilities as guide dogs. Golden Retrievers have a good memory function, and this aids in remembering routes. These canines have been known to make decisions in dangerous situations, saving people?s lives. For instance, Golden Retrievers will not cross roads until they are clear, even if owners want to. This is where the dog?s intelligence comes in.

Golden Retrievers are active, but not energetic to the point of being disruptive. Reliable and dependable, you can count on Golden Retrievers to do the job in the way they were trained. All these wonderful dogs need to get them to do what you want is encouragement and love. That is easily achieved with a pat on the head.

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